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A bet, a date – Kojiyuu oneshot

“If I win, go on a date with me.” Oshima Yuko said as she drank the juice she bought from a vending machine.

“IF you can win.” Kojima Haruna smirked knowing that Yuko has very little stamina.

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The best present in the world

At a certain ramen shop…

Atsuko: Any suggestions for Minami’s birthday present?

Mariko: Jump rope?

Yuko: Marichan… Are you insulting me indirectly too?

Mariko: Ah… Gomen, chibi.

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Well, it’s officially 12am in Japan…


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Valentine’s day

Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami has been friends ever since they were young.

They lived next to each other and Atsuko and Minami’s parents knew each other as they also went to the same high school.

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